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Here’s how to check if your content is written by AI

how to find out if content written by AI

This feature is prepared by The Business Storyteller, our sister company.

I’ve tried these out on content entirely created by AI, and they all passed the test with flying colors. However, it’s worth noting that not all of them caught slight changes in the content, and almost none of them could spot edited material, even those that claim to provide a human intervention percentage.”

That said, use these tools to test any content supplied by freelancers or agencies.

1- GPTZero –

2- Originality AI –

3- Content at Scale’s detector –

4- Detect GPT –

5-’s detector –


What about plagiarism checkers:

Several posts and advice online claim these tools are great at spotting plagiarism in AI-generated content. But, I tested my go-to plagiarism checkers, and they all gave me super low plagiarism scores for content entirely developed by AI.

So, here’s my take: don’t count on these tools to identify AI-generated content. Instead, use them to weed out the lousy content providers.

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