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3 SEO Plugins We Recommend

WP SEO plugins

When it comes to SEO, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But let’s take this one step at a time, if your website is based on WP, then there are a multitude of SEO plugins that significantly ease the ranking process for you.

We’ve tried way too many as a team that develops both websites and content, and here are the 3 that lead the list for us:

3- Yoast SEO

Its freemium level allows you to set the keywords you want to optimize for, and then it compares it against the content of your page.

Moreover, Yoast gives you the option to customize the title tag, URL slug, and meta description on your pages. Which are all important aspects of a strong SEO strategy.

Yoast also helps with optimizing your content. It identifies SEO-related issues and explains how to improve them.

Of course, these are just recommendations, and not always a must for you to apply.

For example: Adding internal and external links

The plugin also takes readability into consideration, it will analyze the content and offer an improvement checklist such as, add subheadings and using active voice.

2- SEOPress

It has the same advantages of Yoast, with one huge advantage over it: SEOPress lets you define Open Graph tags, which are tags that control how preview links appear when shared on social media.

1- All In One SEO (AIOSEO)

Yes, they picked a name that will rank well in search engines! This plugin is perhaps the most comprehensive of the list.

AIOSEO allows you to add title tags, meta descriptions, Open Graph tags, and robots meta tags.

Moreover, it helps you create an XML sitemap, edit your robots.txt file, and manage redirects, all of which are crucial for proper crawling and indexing.

Of course, these plugins are optimization tools, your team still needs to prepare quality content that Google pushes to the top of its results.


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