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5 Common Design Mistakes in B2B Websites

UX mistakes in business websites

When it comes to business websites the list of user experience (UX) mistakes is huge, and we all suffer from them. But, there are a few that defy the simple flow logic, and having any of them significantly impacts the perception of your business.

Mistake 1: Not following common user logic

Don’t expect the users to guess how to navigate or search through your page.

If a subscriber expects to click on a submit button, don’t expect them to guess or be comfortable with swiping right instead.

Fix: Maintain common UX practices, limit being different or adventurous to content and visuals


Mistake 2: Prioritizing only for mobile usage

Don’t assume what your key clientele is using. While most users surf the internet via mobile, this isn’t a given when it comes to business websites. Believe it or not, every single business website we manage has a higher percentage of desktop users.

Fix: Typically the desktop layout is designed first, then translated to work well with the mobile version, and finally tablets and smaller(11-12inch) laptops are designed. Each requires individual attention and design adjustment.


Mistake 3: Using a confusing or complicated layout

Your website has one purpose: to communicate your value and each page has to do that in a matter of seconds. Don’t overcomplicate your website design.

Fix: Adopt a simple and intuitive navigation structure with clear labels and breadcrumbs.


Mistake 4: Adopting different styles (not colors) in different pages

Imagine a minimalistic professional homepage with a heavily-animated services page.

Fix: Easy, your theme and style should match your business’ target persona and tone of voice. These aren’t just for content.


Mistake 5: Thinking a 3-year-old website is still as good as when it first launched.

In content and in technology, the world moves fast.

Fix: For corporate websites at a minimum change your visuals every 4 months; audit your content every 6 months; update your backend monthly and upgrade your website design yearly.


Are you making any of these mistakes?

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